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Experience Terra Vi Nature Lodges

Our Story

At Terra Vi, we aren’t merely based in awe-inspiring locations—we’re a part of them. We’re committed to changing the nature of travel through the preservation of natural wonders for generations to come.

Our nature lodges are located in iconic destinations that offer unbridled adventure, local immersion, holistic wellness experiences, quiet moments for self-reflection, and a connected community of travelers.

Terra Vi
(/tɛrɑː viː/ teh-ruh VEE, Latin: Terra Vi – “The Force”)
There’s a living energy that exists all around us. It’s a force in nature you can feel when you’re still and quiet; the silent energy of the earth that breathes life into entire ecosystems. While it’s invisible, the evidence of its vitality is everywhere. This power doesn’t just surround us; it lives within us. When we remind ourselves of this budding vitality, we can access it and discover our true nature.

Experience Adventure and Wellness

Your path to nature

We believe in the power of time immersed in nature. At Terra Vi, accessible adventure, exploration, and discovery are all part of your journey to the natural world. From wilderness hikes and rock climbing to sunrise yoga and stargazing after dark, thoughtfully planned programming offers limitless paths for play, holistic wellness, learning, and wonder.

Community Advocacy and Stewardship

Our Mission

We consider ourselves stewards of the planet, believing that we must treat it with the utmost respect and care. Through conservation-minded partnerships, sustainable practices, and environmental education, we are committed to changing the nature of travel—consuming less, reusing more, and serving as stewards and advocates of our environment and community.

Caretakers of the earth take counsel from trees, look to the sky for greater meaning, and gather by campfires to share stories. Each location inspires you to seek balance. The ethos of Terra Vi goes beyond immersing you in nature—we connect you to yourself, your community, and the world around you.

Champion people & planet

We fulfill the potential of the human spirit through community engagement, holistic wellness, and a close connection to nature so you can live your true story.

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