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Dr. Afrouz Demeri, ND, IFMCP, DHMHS

Wellness Guru

Dr. Afrouz's career has been a culmination of experiences and opportunities that led her to discover that wellness is a way of life–whether it be her passion for active living, healthy nutrition and connection with community, or her entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of unique health programs and online courses, or her professional experience leading change at the University of California Irvine in her role as a full-time naturopathic doctor and the Director of Functional Medicine, she has demonstrated that life is a path that unfolds before you and health is the result of meeting it gracefully and with curiosity and enthusiasm. At Terra Vi, Dr. Afrouz oversees the development and implementation of a wellness program that combines the scientific fluency of western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern medicine, creating opportunities to inspire health and personal growth.

Afrouz’s message for all of us is to live fully and with purpose. She hosts retreats, has a number of online courses, and continues to challenge herself to grow and be her best self. She feels most alive when outdoors–enjoying the stillness and sounds of nature, hiking with her kids, or teaching yoga sculpt or Zumba.

Completed Royal Conservatorium of Music Curriculum

Began Teaching Piano at 15 Years Old

Fluent in 5 Languages, Learning Spanish

Featured in 3 Documentaries as a Health Authority

Favorite National Park

Sequoia National Park, California